Hello beautiful soul! My names is Zenia “Z” Ellis and I am so thankful that we have found each other. I have a deep passion for helping individuals, like you, find their purpose to achieve true happiness. Through the practice of presence we create space within our bodies, minds, and souls to explore deep into our true being. Through exploration of our truest selves we are given the opportunity to spark our passions which in turn will fuel our purpose in life creating happiness.

I am a 200-hour-Registered-Yoga-Teacher with certifications in Restorative yoga, Yin yoga, Yoga Nidra, Children’s yoga, guided meditation, sound healing, and Trauma informed yoga. I have been teaching yoga for two years and practicing for five years.

My start into yoga was quite unconventional. I was suffering from anxiety attacks and deep depressive episodes, and was recommended to try yoga. I chuckled at the recommendation for, I thought yoga was a joke. Despite my skepticism I went to my first yoga class and was hooked. Yoga changed my life for, it finally gave me the calm space in my mind I needed. With this space I took the time to dive deep into my mental dis-ease and realized I wasn’t happy with my life which causing added stress. All this stress was in turn being expressed as anxiety and depression. As I dove deeper I found the root of unhappiness: I had no purpose, so I set out to find my purpose.

Though lots of tears and struggle I found my purpose deep in my core: Helping ignite others purpose in life. The world can be a scary place so much pressure and expectations that it can almost impossible to find happiness. Though with my help and the art of yoga we will find your most authentic self. We will practice presence releasing the worries of the past and future and find what truly makes you happy. I am truly devoted to creating a safe space for each person that crosses my path in hope that they can find their true passion and purpose to lead a happy fulfilled life.

I am here for you and your journey to happiness. I am so excited to meet you!